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Streaming coverage from NAB 2012.

See the presentations of the most interesting technology at this year's NAB 2012.

New cameras, lens systems, workflows and more are presented in depth by some of the most prominent technologists in the Entertainment Industry. Look for new products from, (in alphabetical order):

Abel Cine / Adobe / AJA / Angenieux / Anton Bauer / ARRI / AVID / Band Pro / Birns & Sawyer / Blackmagic Design / Canon / Carl Zeiss / Chrosziel / Convergent Design / Cooke Optics / Dobly / FotoKem / Fujinon / JVC / K5600 / Keycode Media / Kino Flo / LensPro2Go / Letus / Libec / Lightpanels / Nila / OConnor / Panasonic / Petrol / Polecam / P+S Technik / RED / Redrock Micro / Satchler / S.two / Schneider Optics / Sony / Sound Devices / Tiffen / Vision Research / Zacuto / ZGC

If you are experiencing any problems playing the below videos, please look for the segments of interest at the website of our Streaming Partner, Studio Daily

NAB 2012: RED with Ted Schilowitz

”Leader of the Rebellion” Ted Schilowitz discusses the latest from RED Digital Cinema

NAB 2012: Blackmagic Design

Stuart Ashton tells us about the new Blackmagic Micro 4/3 Digital Cinema Camera and enhancements to the DaVinci Resolve color correction suite.

NAB 2012: Canon

Chuck Westfall talks about the New Canon 4K Cameras and Cinema Lenses

NAB 2012: Tiffen

Garrett Brown, the Inventor of the Steadicam, entertains us with another great NAB interview (and shows us the new Steadicam products while he\'s at it)

NAB 2012: Arri

Marc Shipman-Mueller speaks to James about the latest developments for the ARRI Alexa.

NAB 2012: Arri 2

In this second interview from the ARRI booth, Henning Raedlein speaks to James about the latest developments in the ARRI Alexa\'s Workflow

NAB 2012: Adobe

Ellen Wixted, Adobes\'s Sr. Product Manager discusses the new features and applications included in the upcoming ADOBE CS6 Production Premium

NAB 2012: Avid

Adam Green discusses AVID\'s new offerings.

NAB 2012: Dolby by Bill Admans

Dolby’s Bill Admans presents the companies new reference monitoring solutions.

NAB 2012: Sony

Jody Eldred talks about the new camera offerings from Sony

NAB 2012: AJA with Nick Rashby

AJA’s Nick Rashby describes a few new products and updates to the KiPro line of digital recorders

NAB 2012: JVC

Dave Walton of JVC presents their new 4K Camera and 300 Series camera. Part I

NAB 2012: JVC

Dave Walton of JVC presents their new 4K Camera and 300 Series camera. Part II

NAB 2012: Polecam

Steffan Hewitt talks about the new DSLR capable remote head for the POLECAM, as well as their 3D capabilities and advantages.

NAB 2012: Schneider Optics

Ryan Avery has a few new lenses to show us at the Schneider Optics booth.

NAB 2012: Chrosziel

Ron Ayers discusses the in accessories from Chrosziel

NAB 2012: Anton Bauer

Kyle Dann shows Jim the new products from Anton Bauer

NAB 2012: Cooke Optics with Les Zellen

Les Zellan discusses the latest from Cooke lenses and ZGC

NAB 2012: Panasonic

Steve Cooperman talks to James about the 4K AVC Ultra Camera that is currently in development, the new MicroP2 card format that\'s just been announced and some new monitoring solutions.

NAB 2012: K5600 Lighting

Ryan Smith talks to James about the the new offerings from K5600.

NAB 2012: Fotokern

Tom Vice talks to James about NEXTLab Mobile and the new offerings from FotoKem.

NAB 2012: Fujinon

Chuck Lee presents the latest Cine Zoom Lenses including the new PL 19-90 Cabrio Light Weight Zoom with detachable ENG-Style servo control.

NAB 2012: Angenieux

Jean-Marc show us some new lenses then, in video 2, James interviews James about some lenses he\'s been using and in the third video, Jean-Marc shows us the new ENG-style Optimo lens servo.

NAB 2012: S.two

Ted White presents the latest innovations from S.two

NAB 2012: Letus with Shane Hurlbut, ASC

Shane Hurlbut, ASC discuss his work with DSLR cameras and how he helped develop an accessory line manufactured by Letus and available for rental via his own company, Revolution Cinema Rentals.

NAB 2012: Letus with Ryan E. Walters

In this second interview from the Letus booth, Ryan E. Walters presents the prototype for the new Letus Helix designed to spin a camera remotely on it’s third/optical axis.

NAB 2012: Band Pro with Jeff Cree

Jeff Cree discusses the new Band Pro EVF developed especially for the new Sony F65.

NAB 2012: Band Pro with Matthias Saulich

In this second presentation from the Band Pro booth, Matthias Saulich shows us COPRA, a new digital dailies and data management workflow application that can stream full HD to the iPad and Cloud while ingesting, backing up, and archiving.

NAB 2012: Petrol Bags

Sam Thomas shows James a new modular DSLR equipment bag as well as the new audio and Lightpanel bags.

NAB 2012: Oconnor

Eric Johnston shows James some camera support and follow focus offerings from OConnor.

NAB 2012: Sachtler

Nino Leitmann shows James some DSLR camera support offerings from Sachtler.

NAB 2012: Litepanels

Pat Grosswendt presents new lighting products from Litepanels including the Chroma camera mounted portable light with variable color.

NAB 2012: Vision Research

Vision Research’s Phiroze Dalal presents the new Phantom FLEX High-Speed Digital Cinema Camera.

NAB 2012: Zeiss

Richard Schleuning shows James some of the newest lenses from Carl Zeiss Lenses.

NAB 2012: NILA

Jim Sanfilippo present new NILA products

NAB 2012: Redrock Micro

Brian Valente talks about the new MICROREMOTE focus assist system and other offerings from this years lineup of products..

NAB 2012: P+S Technik

P+S Technik’s Michael Erkelenz presents the PS-Cam X35 and Weisscam HS-2 Digital Cinema Cameras

NAB 2012: Zacuto

Steve Weiss presents the latest from Zacuto EVF, Camera Support, and more

NAB 2012: Birns and Sawyer

Birns and Sawyer’s Bill Meurer presents his company’s latest products and innovations.

NAB 2012: Abel Cine

Mitch Gross of AbelCine presents 4 new lenses his company is offering.

NAB 2012: Lens Pro 2 Go

Megan Rodney discuss LensPro2Go and why it can sometimes make sense to rent rather than buy.

NAB 2012: Libec

Jose Larios presents the latest from Libec including their new SWIFT JIB50 Telescopic Jib and REMO30 Remote Head

NAB 2012: Kino Flo

Tom Jacob shows Jim all the new lighting solutions from KinoFlo.

NAB 2012: Keycode Media with Storage DNA

Tridib “TC” Chakravarty for Keycode Media on Storage DNA

NAB 2012: Studio Daily The Prime Awards Winner 2012

We meet with Bryant Frazer & Beth Marchant and talk about this year’s StudioDaily Prime Award winners