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Lit Pixels: Why Do They Happen?

By DCS, Mar 13, 2004

DCS Member Content contribution submitted by Juliet Verni of Abel Cine Tech Did you ever wonder what creates permanently lit, or what we often refer to as “blown”, pixels in your CCD camera’s imager? Here’s the reason: Charged-Coupled Devices (CCD’s) are made up of an array of millions of photodiodes, ... [ Read: Lit Pixels: Why Do They Happen? ]

DVD & Bluray Disc Tips

By DCS, Mar 13, 2004

This download is a companion piece to the currently streaming presentation by Digital Doyenne Bruce Nazarian, of Digital Media Consulting Group. In this pdf, you will find tips for desktop creation of DVD and Blu-ray Discs. // [ Read: DVD & Bluray Disc Tips ]

Data Rate Calculator

By DCS, Mar 13, 2004

This Data Rate Calculator, courtesy of DCS member Chris Vincze, a Digital Imaging Producer at MPC Data Lab in London, is a handy guide to storage requirements for digital formats ranging from RED 4K, 3K, & 2K, Phantom, ARRI D21 RAW Mode, SI-2K, EX-1, and S.Two or Codex uncompressed HD DPX. [ Read: Data Rate Calculator ]

Camera Comparison Chart - 2014

By DCS, Mar 13, 2004

For many years Tom Fletcher has compiled a comprehensive chart comparing features, specs, and rental costs for the many different digital camera systems they offer including models from Arri, RED, Sony, Canon, and Panasonic. It’s a nice snap shot to compare these diverse systems when trying to choose the right tool ... [ Read: Camera Comparison Chart - 2014 ]

The DP Stays In The Picture

By DCS, Mar 12, 2004

By James Mathers, Director of Photography It’s the Director of Photography’s job to control the elements of light, shadow, composition, and movement to visually tell a story. As we apply film production techniques to new digital applications, we are finding that we have a hard fight to keep this control. A ... [ Read: The DP Stays In The Picture ]