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LIVE STREAM With Evans Brown Co-Owner of Quasar Science.
Saturday April 11th at 2pm on 

 This week on the Quasar Alchemy livestream…
Join Quasar Science on their Instagram live, this Saturday, April 11th at 2:00 pm PST for a discussion between two cinematographers about the collaborative art form that is film making; where the Arts and Sciences meet a practical approach. Filmmaking is a coming together of creative people and a collaboration to work with each other to make the project excel beyond. How do we as Cinematographers wade through the quagmire of personalities to produce good and thoughtful work? Hosts: Evans Brown, co-owner of Quasar (Evans has gaffed and shot projects such as “The Wire” and “True Blood”, and DP on projects “Halt And Catch Fire” and “The Boys”) & Tim Kang, Quasar Science color engineer and cinematographer



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Adobe Video Livestream Series: Get to Great Faster

Adobe's special video livestream series featuring Premiere Pro and the Adobe video and audio apps will start on Starting April 14, 2020
br>In this web series, Adobe will be looking at tools, case studies and workflows (local and remote) that help you get to great faster. Join Adobe evangelist Jason Levine, product team members and inspiring content creators for engaging demos, discussions and live Q&As.

DAY 1 — TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 2020

 9:30 am PT - Organized & efficient, so you can get to great faster - Discover new tools for setting up editorial workflows in Premiere Pro while keeping your projects lean, mean, organized and efficient. https://datasiege.com/DataSiege/email/auto/trkc.cfm?OI104=715&pn=postperspective&sbid=35238&pid=13&suid=&rd04=https://bit.ly/39QaJVQ

10:30 am PT - Bob Lindeman, “Just the FAQs”: Remote workflows and fast turnaround - Learn how Bob Lindeman, senior editor for “Just the FAQs” (USA Today) uses Premiere Pro with Team Projects and other Adobe tools to craft great video content every day.   https://datasiege.com/DataSiege/email/auto/trkc.cfm?OI104=715&pn=postperspective&sbid=35238&pid=13&suid=&rd04=https://bit.ly/3e1cbrv


 9:30 am PT - Access everything easily: creative tools in Premiere Pro - Join Jason Levine and Dacia Saenz, Quality Engineer on the Adobe Motion Graphics team, for demos and live Q&A. https://datasiege.com/DataSiege/email/auto/trkc.cfm?OI104=715&pn=postperspective&sbid=35238&pid=13&suid=&rd04=https://bit.ly/2VcAXMH

10:30 am PT – Eric Demeusy: My budget indie feature film has 400 VFX shots

Independent Filmmaker Eric Demeusy joins Jason Levine for demos, discussion and live Q&A.   https://datasiege.com/DataSiege/email/auto/trkc.cfm?OI104=715&pn=postperspective&sbid=35238&pid=13&suid=&rd04=https://bit.ly/39TKlKB

DAY 3 — THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 2020

9:30 am PT – Smarter tools for faster workflows in Premiere Pro

Join Jason Levine and Francis Crossman, Premiere Pro product manager (and former editor and colorist), for demos and discussion.  Eric is an award-winning motion graphics artist (with credits including title sequences for Stranger Things and Game of Thrones) - https://datasiege.com/DataSiege/email/auto/trkc.cfm?OI104=715&pn=postperspective&sbid=35238&pid=13&suid=&rd04=https://bit.ly/2wmaC6w

10:30 am PT – Alyssa Salter FBE: How Adobe changed our workflow - Senior editor Alyssa Salter joins Jason Levine to breakdown how FBE manages editorial and post production. Learn from the pros with live Q&A. - https://datasiege.com/DataSiege/email/auto/trkc.cfm?OI104=715&pn=postperspective&sbid=35238&pid=13&suid=&rd04=https://bit.ly/2UQtPqu

DAY 4 — FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2020

9:30 am PT – New public Beta program for Adobe video and audio apps with David Simons - Join this discussion and live Q&A with Jason Levine and David Simons, Adobe Fellow, who has been leading the initiative. If the name rings a bell… Dave is one of the inventors of After Effects, for which he won a technical Academy Award, and Adobe Character Animator, which won him a technical Emmy. - https://datasiege.com/DataSiege/email/auto/trkc.cfm?OI104=715&pn=postperspective&sbid=35238&pid=13&suid=&rd04=https://bit.ly/3aV1tkw

The new public Beta: https://datasiege.com/DataSiege/email/auto/trkc.cfm?OI104=715&pn=postperspective&sbid=35238&pid=13&suid=&rd04=https://adobe.ly/2JPUPzX program for Adobe video and audio apps: https://datasiege.com/DataSiege/email/auto/trkc.cfm?OI104=715&pn=postperspective&sbid=35238&pid=13&suid=&rd04=https://adobe.ly/2RiNLjq

10:30 am PT – Penelope Nederlander & Amanda Gotera, Shine: Title sequence for Birds of Prey - Join Penny, Amanda, and host Jason Levine for a look at their workflow and inspiration for graphics that tell stories, including demos, discussion and live Q&A. -   https://datasiege.com/DataSiege/email/auto/trkc.cfm?OI104=715&pn=postperspective&sbid=35238&pid=13&suid=&rd04=https://bit.ly/2V5JD7G


Download a free trial of Premier Pro:  https://datasiege.com/DataSiege/email/auto/trkc.cfm?OI104=715&pn=postperspective&sbid=35238&pid=13&suid=&rd04=https://adobe.ly/3aVtxUI

Download a free trial of After Effects: https://datasiege.com/DataSiege/email/auto/trkc.cfm?OI104=715&pn=postperspective&sbid=35238&pid=13&suid=&rd04=https://adobe.ly/3e37wVX



Unnamed1360 ART Canon NAB19 Imaging Unleashed@2x

Canon's Virtual Press Conference – April 20, 2020

Save the Date! Join Canon on April 20th at 1:00 pm EDT for their Virtual Press Conference, spotlighting their new professional products and technologies!

Learn More: https://Canon.us/b4qq5




Rosco SoftDrop® Masterclass Videos

Learn more about Rosco SoftDrop in their free Masterclass video series – No login needed.

The Rosco SoftDrop Masterclass is comprised of four videos – each between six and nine minutes long – that provide tips and techniques for working with Rosco backdrops and answer their most frequently asked questions.
Ep. 1 – Introduction To SoftDrop:
Ep. 2 – Production Of A SoftDrop:
Ep. 3 – Installing A SoftDrop:
Ep. 4 – Lighting A Rosco SoftDrop:



Dedo Weigert Film Educational Videos

You can find many tutorials and lighting product instructional videos on the Dedo Weigert Film YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/DedoWeigertFilm



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ARRI Academy Presents: Lighting Systems Control with Richard Cadena

The ARRI Academy is pleased to announce the launch of a new course designed for all levels of lighting and video production professionals. “Lighting Systems Control with Richard Cadena” is an 11-part video course that serves as the ultimate guide to get you up and running with digital lighting control, using DMX, RDM, Wireless DMX, and ethernet-based networks.

The 11-part series consists of short, informative videos with classes ranging in length from 5 minutes to 34 minutes. Course attendees will gain a working knowledge of standard and emerging technologies and will be trained on the latest lighting technology. The complete list of classes is as follows: DMX, Building DMX network, Troubleshooting DMX network, RDM, Wireless DMX, Intro to ethernet-based networking, Testing ethernet-based networks: PING and IPCONGIF commands, Art-Net, sACN, Consoles, and ARRI LED Ecosystem.

The series is taught by Richard Cadena; an ETCP recognized trainer and Certified Entertainment Electrician. Cadena brings over 30 years of lighting industry experience and has been training entertainment lighting professionals around the globe. The series gives an overview of established and emerging technologies, best practices, and guides users on how to troubleshoot potential issues.

To register, visit: https://www.arri.com/lightingsystemscontrol

Other ARRI Academy online courses on MZed: https://arri.academy/courses-mzed

ARRI Academy is offering a 25% discount* (Code: STAYHOME25) on their certified online courses on MZed: Certified Online Training for Large-Format Camera System: https://www.mzed.com/courses/certified-online-training-for-large-format-camera-system?tap_a=17272-420962&tap_s=566830-650906 and Certified Online Training for Camera Systems: https://www.mzed.com/courses/certified-online-training-for-camera-systems?tap_a=17272-420962&tap_s=566830-650906. Their ARRI Academy Master Classes on MZed – High Dynamic Range with Karl Walter Lindenlaub ASC https://arri.academy/kw-lindenlaub-hdr-mzed" target="_blank, and Large Format Cinematography with James Laxton ASC https://arri.academy/james-laxton-course-mzed" target="_blank are available for free.  *Valid for a limited time only.





ZEISS Cinematography Vlog

A new educational series from ZEISS Americas

Episode 1: Getting a Cinematic Lookhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rqhbcy7XwsM&feature=youtu.be
Cine Sales Director, Snehal Patel discusses how to achieve a cinematic look from your lenses.

Episode 2: Creating Flares: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33E1VnARAPA
ZEISS Cine Sales Director Snehal Patel discusses the use of flare in cinematic filming and how ZEISS designed a flare capability into the new Supreme Prime Radiance lenses. Follow along as Snehal breaks down the science of flare and how ZEISS engineers built the lenses to take full advantage of Flare in controlled and predictable way.

Or check other online offerings from Zeiss University including the series, Studies In Cinematography:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfYuM0IWSVTCQQ9nUsD6Yfg



Frame.io's New "Workflow from Home" Series – Episodes 3 & 4 are now up

CioniFrameIOFrame.io has launched its new “Workflow from Home” series hosted by Michael Cioni, Frame.io’s Global SVP of Innovation and DCS Advisory Board member, a brand new video series developed as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak and transition to home offices.
This series is specifically designed to help teams who’ve been working in brick-and-mortar facilities quickly transition to a remote workflow. Productions have ground to a halt, but the truth remains: consumers want to keep watching new shows, so studios need to find ways to keep putting them out. The craving for content might be stronger now than ever before.

Cioni writes: “Our goal is to identify the steps and dive deep into how you can shift from an on-premises workflow with centralized network storage to one that’s based either partially, or entirely, in the cloud.” The guide, which launched Monday, March 23rd, with an intro from Michael Cioni https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDRBPtxW2w4

Episode 1 - Setting up at Home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtXX2zWBpio

Episode 2 - Air Gap Editing: https://frame.io/remotework/workflow-from-home-episode-2/?utm_source=mktg&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=workflow_from_home

Episode 3 – Remote Post House: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a109aR0kVk8 Michael Cioni interviews Lucas Harger, Editor & Partner at Bruton Stroube/Outpost, a video production and post-production studio. Learn how Lucas set up a remote video workflow for his team by using Premiere Pro and the Frame.io integration to mirror their onsite server’s structure.

Episode 4 - Offline Team Editing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6rHlFIDKHo David Stevens, Editor at The Assembly Rooms in London and The Bothy on the Irish coast, explains how he set up a remote video post-production workflow for his episodic TV series team by using Avid with hard drive clones and Frame.io so the team could collaborate from home.

By using a combination of local storage and Frame.io, both Lucas and David made the transition quickly, and both are still meeting their deadlines easily.

Read now: Workflow From Home: Episodes 3 and 4 – Learn From the Experts

Also, Frame.io has created a microsite - https://frame.io/remotework/ - which will be updated weekly with new videos exploring how to enable a remote workflow from start to finish, with the goal of helping folks get up and running in response to the new realities we’re now facing.


AdoramaTVThe Adorama Learning Center presents AdoramaTV with hundreds of free videos to help you become a better photographer or videographer.




B&H Photo Explora

B&H ExploraFor tips, reviews, and tutorials on all things photographic visit:





Westcott University

The F.J. Westcott Company presents FREE Online Lighting Education including Still and Video Lighting Tutorials with no signup required.  For a full listing of the many still and motion lighting techniques, visit:



AbelCine has a plethora of online classes to help you hone your craft or learn a new skill.

Live Stream: ALEXA Mini LF Quick Start – April 14, 2020

Live Stream: Sony Venice Quick Start – April 15, 2020 https://www.abelcine.com/learn/calendar/live-stream-sony-venice-quick-start

Live Stream: RED Quick Start – April 16, 2020

Live Stream: Creative Forces Online: Petr Cikhart, ACK – April 17, 2020


Live Stream: Sony FX9 Quick Start – April 21, 2020 https://www.abelcine.com/learn/calendar/live-stream-sony-fx9-quick-start

Live Stream: Filming in the Canon Ecosystem with Rubidium Wu – April 28-30, 2020 https://www.abelcine.com/learn/calendar/live-stream-filming-in-the-canon-ecosystem-with-rubidium-wu

See All Virtual Learning Options at AbelCine

NVIDIA'S GTC Digital – Free Online Content

NVIDIA GPUNVIDIA's GTC Digital is now running with free on-demand technical content for developers, researchers, data scientists. There are also general-interest sessions designed for business decision makers. More than 200 speakers from around the world created this content. NVIDIA is proud to make it available for free, particularly in these times where advancing science and technology is more important than ever.

Register at: www.nvidia.com/gtc



Zacuto Original Programming

ZacutoZacuto produces original programming for entertaining and educating individuals in the video, film and photography industries. These videos include interviews with leaders of the film and photography industries on topics such as event videography, filmmaking, cinematography, directing, sound, lighting, documentary, DIY filmmaking and more.




Lighting Video Webinars by Brad Dickson

BradDicksonX250Veteran Lighting Director Brad Dickson hosts online webinars on lighting as it relates to the camera. Recent offerings have included seminars on Measuring and Adjusting LED Fixtures and Setting Up DMX Systems.



SMPTE Virtual Educational Offerings

SMPTETo help the industry navigate this immediate situation, SMPTE is making their technology webcasts open free of charge for their members and the public. Additionally, all their virtual classes are now available at 50% off. Please register for a course using the SMPTE50 discount code.



FMC Online Training

FMC 25th Anniversary Banner

If you’re like most people in the world right now, you are probably working from home and keeping in line with social distancing measures. Even though you are working remotely, you can still take advantage of this time to acquire new skills or improve the ones that you already have!

Future Media Concepts can help, as they are working diligently to provide their students with many options for learning virtually from anywhere around the world!

FMC Free Video Editing Webinars

Avid Media Composer Webinar – Thursday, April 16, 2020, 1:00 pm (EST)

DaVinci-Resolve-Webinar – Friday, April 17, 2020, 1:00 pm (EST)

Premiere Pro Webinar – Friday, April 24, 2020 – 12:00 pm (EST)

After-Effects-Webinar – Friday, April 24, 2020, 2:00 pm (EST)

FMC Discount offer for other Online Courses

Right now FMC is offering BUY ONE GET ONE 50% off ALL their online courses from now until April 15th! To redeem, use promo code BOGO20 during checkout when you purchase your first class.

Upcoming Courses:

Premiere Pro CC Advanced – April 14, 2020

Introduction to Logic Pro X – April 15, 2020

Advanced Editing with FCPX – April 15, 2020

To browse all courses and to register, visit:  https://www.fmctraining.com/browse-courses


Adobe Summit 2020

The digital experience conference has gone digital.
Hear from Adobe leaders Shantanu Narayen, Anil Chakravarthy, and other Adobe leaders.  Discover product innovations and explore product demos and announcements across keynotes and
100+ breakout sessions.
Enjoy it online and on demand.
Cost: Free