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The Digital Cinema Society at NAB 2022

DCSatNAB2022Practicing what we preach, DCS will put some of the latest technology to the test by producing our  streaming booth tour coverage of NAB 2022 using a Camera-2-Cloud workflow.  Technology from Adobe, Frame.io, Teradek, and Sony will help us deliver our fully edited interviews in record time so that those who cannot attend NAB in person can still quickly find out what's new at the show.   Raw footage will be uploaded directly from the Sony FX-6 camera on the show floor to the Frame.io cloud via a Teradek Cube where our editor, Christopher Scott Knell, at his home base in Burbank, CA will have immediate access to edit a polished interview with Adobe Premiere.  If you're at NAB and interested to check out our process, we are scheduled make a presentation with a panel including:

Michael Cioni – Senior Director of Global Innovation at Frame.io, an Adobe company
Colin McDonald – Product Manager at Teradek and SmallHD
Our own James Mathers – Cinematographer and Founder DCS
Cameron Cannon – Cinematographer
Moderator: Laura Pursley – Product Marketing Manager | Frame.io, an Adobe company

Time: Tuesday 1:30 – 2:00

Location: ARRI & Fuse Virtual Production Theater in the Central Hall #C8626, (between ARRI and Sony).

DCS will be uploading interviews from the NAB Show Floor throughout the 2022 convention starting Sunday morning April 24th.  Bookmark this page to see our complete coverage of NAB 2022: